Born in Liverpool, England (and, yes, an avid supporter of the Reds), Rowland spent most of his working life in the IT industry. He lived for 20 years in the Middle East, looking after 15 countries as the Regional Director for Cisco Systems. Rowland moved to NZ back in 2006 with his wife Lin and son Ash.

Rowland loves golf. When the previous general manager resigned, Rowland volunteered to step in and hold the fort. That was March 2016, and he’s still here. Rowland’s impact on the club has been beyond positive with some notable projects including installation of a new third hole and the Sprig Bar.

Rowland Griffiths

General Manager

As the Finance & Administration Manager, Kelly is a bit of a Jack of all trades. Having joined the North Shore Golf Club team in 2018, Kelly has been vital in streamlining processes and implementing changes that assist our everyday work.

Outside of work, Kelly’s passion is anything to do with sports; football, mud & obstacle running, and boxing – to name a few.

Kelly Papesch

Finance & Admin Manager

Hailing from the isles of the UK, Georgie moved over to the land of the long white cloud in 2015, and hasn’t looked back.

Here at NSGC, Georgie channels her passion for pulling together a great event to help clients carry out their functions. Alongside this she supports and obtains sponsorship across the club, marketing both internally and externally and working alongside the golf operations team with all corporate golf days.

Georgie Roberts

Corporate Sales & Events Manager

Lisa thought of herself as the girl that would never play golf. Who has the time to spend the day chasing a little white ball around a paddock?! Lisa’s children, Dion and Trudy, ignited her interest in the game when the two of them started playing golf regularly at a young age.

Lisa heads the North Shore Golf Club’s golf operations team. In a nutshell, she is in charge of all golf administration, from competitions (setup through to results) to the annual programme of golf events and everything in-between.

Lisa Wallis

Senior Golf Operations Coordinator

Bevan grew up in a town called Waimate in the South Island and moved to Auckland in 2000 to work at a driving range in Swanson. When he was about 15 years old, Bevan started playing golf with a neighbour. Living only a kilometre from the course, he got hooked. Bevan would bike to the course every day after school, pulling his trundler along behind him.

Bevan has a background in playing at both the top amateur level and professionally, having played for Aorangi, North Harbour, Huapai Nobilo Pennants. A highlight for him was winning the Auckland Strokeplay Championship in 2004. From 2004-2006 he played in several qualifying schools around the globe being Australia, Asia and Canada. A highlight of Bevan’s short professional career at this stage was finishing 13th in the Fiji PGA Championship.

Bevan offers on-course coaching, shot-making, how to get out of trouble on the course using various shots (which he loves), short game strategy, full swing, and more. Bevan also speaks and can understand the Korean language.

Bevan gets great satisfaction from watching the improvements of those he coaches.

Bevan Dennison

Proshop Manager

Ash Griffiths is North Shore Golf Club bar manager. Ash has been with the club for five years. Over this time, he has continued to hone his skills and has a great relationship with his staff.

Outside of bar time, Ash is passionate about the automotive industry and has owned a vehicle sales & detailing business for four years.

Ash Griffiths

Bar Manager

Growing up in the first privately owned youth hostel in Aotearoa, Peggy’s hospitality career took hold.  After years in hospitality working through the ranks, Peggy entered management, first as lunch manager, then general manager of bars, nightclubs and hotels in Aotearoa and Canada.

In 2016, Peggy was delighted to become a part of the North Shore Golf Club team with her catering and events business Forte Enterprises Ltd.  She loves the venue, with so much space for all event opportunities.

Peggy Newman


Green Keeper Team

Troy Harold, Lee Horton, Cam Banks, Keith Hall, Joss Neale, Kieran Dowling, Jacob Urquart-Waitai, Alex Kelly, Hayden Stuthridge, Jack Kelly, Anita Jacobs, Ray Young

Catering Team

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